Falcon News

The McDowell Mountain Falcons are always up to something. Visit this page often to see what's happening. You'll find upcoming events as well as the latest news about some of the great things going on at our school.

Summer Office Closure

Our front office will close on June 23, 2017, through July 24, 2017. It will reopen on July 25, 2017, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Congratulations, 3rd Graders!

MMES would like to praise our 3rd graders for a job well done in their last year here. Whether you were with us since preschool or kindergarten, or just joined us for 3rd grade, we hope you made many happy memories at MMES. You will be greatly missed and we wish you well in 4th grade next year!

Character Counts at MMES

Each time we focused on a Character Counts trait this year, we awarded a student in every class from PS-3rd grade for their consistency in demonstrating the Character Counts traits. Congratulations to these terrific students! 

Citizenship: Ashley Chester-Quotskuyva, Shaley Kasper, Nihash Rodriguez Cruz, Maddux Jones- Swan, Jayden Pena, Summer Rehbein, Nevaeh Rivera Baxter, Christoph Coffman, Beckham Nolan, Jake Goodman, Jeannie Lucas, Caden Taylor, and Mason Taylor

Caring: Natalie Guerrette, Zayden Smith-Miller, Dylan Tobias, Presley Guerrero, Vivianna Ianello, Stella Buck, Tyler Giardina, Brody Skouson, Ramon Careaga, Kyndal Moss, Rylee Olsen, Cameron Gibb, Adalee Handy, Nolan Sampson, and Jaydon Swain

Respect: Henry Rodriguez Aguilar, Benjamin Rohani, Zackery Weaver, Cristofer Arellano Casillas, Cullen Bratcher, Karma Coffman, Brody Simonson, Anthony Atwood, Kinley McAloon, Adam Owers, Adrieana Godinez, Adrianna Morgan, Talon Perry, Abigail West, MacKenzie Herman, Noah Pettit, Lorraine Shipman, and Regan Tower

Responsibility: Alison Cruz Lopez, Zoey Soto, Monique White, Denicio Chief, Stephanie Covarrubias, Nevaeh Heiman, Joey Romo, Buster Gardner, Mia Garcia, Jevonte McQuirter, James Fessenden, Joey Grimm, Ava Ozdiker, Asher Prieskorn, Alex Brownstein, Dusan Bulj, Mark Minero, and Denise Sommerschield

Trustworthiness: Jacob Langner, Myles Perreault, Mila Valdez, Keoni Cruz, Dasia Hancock, Angelo Latko, Mikayla Reinken, Summerlyn Miller, Shayl Smith, Marek Wisniewski, Marcina Gibson-Johnson, Roland McArdle, Kail Jagodzinski, and Kaleb Kasper

Fairness: Sean McAllister, Maya Ruiz, Rori Wester, Madison Becker, Bodhi Elwood, Paige Ivie, Andrek Svinicki, Derreck Hoffman, Tiggy Lawrance, Ayden Sheng, London Becker, Santiago Gonzalez, Andre Kill, Skye Wathagoma, Danica Fritcher, Zoe Jagodzinski, Theo Kontopoulos, and Elias Pattea