Our School

Welcome to McDowell Mountain! We are a public school in the small and supportive community of Fountain Hills where we proudly educate students from preschool to third grade. With this focus, we are able to center on the developmental and academic needs of very young children, providing the foundation that is essential for student success in the upper elementary level and beyond.

All McDowell Mountain teachers are fully certified and highly qualified with an average of 19 years of experience in education and 10 years in the district. We strive to provide the best education available for your child. If you would like more information about our letter grade and state test scores, we encourage you to take a look at our School Report Card. For more information about Quality First ratings and other information for parents and families, please visit the Quality First website.

A Message from Our Principal

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our amazing school and to our 2021–2022 school year. My name is Dr. Shelly Jensen, and I am honored to be your new elementary principal. I hope you are ready to learn while having fun.

The structure of daily activities will encourage independence, self-confidence, and group cooperation through large group, small group, and one-on-one participation in a variety of hands-on, interactive experiences. We have purchased Beyond Textbooks to use as a resource for teachers to incorporate a multitude of lessons (designed to meet various learning styles) that facilitate skill development of content standards at each grade level. Whether a student is above or below grade level, we will provide lessons to meet them where they are, as each student will have an individualized plan for success.

McDowell Mountain's success depends on the team that parents, teachers, and administrators create. Research shows that parent involvement in schools helps students achieve more, and schools thrive. A team approach to education is best for our students! Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to make your child’s experience at school a positive one! Call or email me anytime!

-Dr. Jensen

Our Mission Statement

The McDowell Mountain students, staff, parents, and community will cooperatively provide a safe, child-centered environment that builds self esteem, self-discipline, and the essential skills for life-long learning. While adapting to the differences of others and by using responsible decision making, students will exhibit citizenship with the motivation to invent, dream, explore, and communicate in our changing world. At McDowell Mountain School everyone is a learner and will encourage and help others to be successful learners.